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Vorpahl Fire and Safety is a family-owned business that has been operating in Green Bay since 1951. Vorpahl provides its customers with fire and safety products to keep their businesses and families safe. Wayne Vorpahl started the company, which is run today by Kent Vorpahl and his son Chris who is the third generation.

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With the market decline in the 1970’s many small businesses were forced to close.  Vorpahl Fire and Safety took a different approach that instead of “selling” products or services they chose to be business “partners” and showed value not only in their timely customer service and immediate delivery of needs but also helping to protect them from the devastating impact of large fines by not being OSHA compliant.

We’ve continued to gain market share by offering fire training, CPR certification, and safety assessments.  That’s in addition to selling and installing complex fire suppression systems, expanding our mobile gas detection sales and service, and continuing to offer safety equipment, fire extinguishers, and gas monitors through our rental department. As the market has risen our customers both large and small have found that Vorpahl has continued to be a leader in the industry of fire and safety service and products.


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